Hi , I am Joanna .  I am a self-taught graphic designer and font end developer, with the desire to add a little flair to this already imaginative and colorful world. I’m creative & perfectionist geek, obsessive, excited, artistic,nerdy , open minded and ready to create interesting and appealing designs to attract and excite any audience.

I take my inspiration from everywhere, I don't like to limit myself, to one thing or style, that's why I always love spending a lot of time creating designs in photoshop and exploring new graphic and webdesign techniques, play with scripts and look for the latest trend in design and tehnology.I always learn something new with every project I make. I started to work seriously with design 4 years ago, I genuinely enjoy what I do, and I look forward learning more and growing as a designer.

Being quite hands-on, I enjoy getting involved in the whole process, starting from ideas and conception to designing & testing projects. I am working most of the time alone. But I am open to start working with others, My ideal work environment consists of a collaborative multidisciplinary team, that shares my love for cats , starbucks coffee, and of course sushi!!!

I'm currently freelancing and always up for new challenges, where I can collaborate with people and companies to get their product ideas rolling.
My work is not about me , it's about you ..my clients..It’s about insight, strategies and results.It’s about your project, your timescales, your budget and ultimately your clients and customers.
What to expect ? Commitment, Comunication, Creative thinking and Hard Work.

Lets tallk